Playing DVD ram disc's on my PC

  Blue screen of death666 11:23 08 Oct 05


I have a panasonic DVD recorder that uses DVD-Ram.

My problem is this....My PC DVD player will play all other formats of DVD ....but will not play the DVD-ram there any way of playing them on a pc....

  scotty 11:27 08 Oct 05

The only major manufacturer I know that produces DVD players with DVD-RAM capability is LG. Their players are generally well rated. Cost approx £30 from places such as

  Confab 11:31 08 Oct 05

Some Panasonic DVD recorders will also record on to DVD-R which should be compatible with your PC DVD player.

  Blue screen of death666 11:35 08 Oct 05

My dvd [layer will not record on to dvd-rw

  Confab 14:14 10 Oct 05

DVD-R not RW

  Quiet Life 16:11 10 Oct 05

Toshiba DVD and DVD Rw drives will play DVD Ram discs. The DVD Rw drive does not record DVD Ram.

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