playing a dvd on my laptop

  mr orange 13 Jan 13

Hi guy's, I would greatly appreciate any help in this area, i have a Sony Vaio laptop, model no:VGN A617B, i am looking to play dvd films on it while i am at work but when i stick the dvd in and it starts playing i get a green distortion all around the images, almost as if there is some sort of protection going on or something?. Is there a way around this problem just by activating a programme on the laptop or am i going to have to buy some sort of converter kit and download it. Thank's in advance for any reply's.

  SillBill 13 Jan 13

What Program are you using to play the DVDs?

  mr orange 13 Jan 13

Hi SillBill, Thank's for the reply, it gave me three options to play the dvd through. Windows Media Player, WinDVD and Sony Vaio Player. I opted for Windows Media Player purely because i have all my music stored on this on my home PC and i know my way around it. I wouldn't care which of the three to use to be honest as long as i can get one of them working.

  SillBill 13 Jan 13

I can 100% recommend VLC Media Player, it will play anything you throw at it and if you still get that problem then it's your laptop at fault!

  lotvic 13 Jan 13

Yes, it's all down to the codecs available to the player. Windows Media Player can't correctly play some dvd's.

I also recommend the free VLC player from (it's so long since I installed it I can't remember if during the install you are also offered other free software, so be aware and look out for boxes to UNtick - almost all free programs will offer other stuff including toolbars, none of which you need)

  mr orange 14 Jan 13

Cheers SillBill and Lotvic, thank's for the advice, i will give that one a go and let you know how i get on.

  mr orange 23 Jan 13

Hey SillBill and Lotvic, Just a quick reply to let you know i tried the VCL Media Player download and it worked perfectly, well chuffed, thank's for the advice i know where to come if i have any more problems, cheers.

  SillBill 23 Jan 13

Always nice to get confirmation!

  rdave13 23 Jan 13

I know you're sorted but Win 7 codec pack will allow WMP 12 to play anything thrown at it. The only thing I must admit to miss on Windows 8 is the ability to use Windows Media Player to play DVDs. Never mind, some genius will, no doubt, get a codec pack for 8 at sometime in the future.

VLC is OK, I suppose, and I'm forced to use it, but my preference would still to be able to use WMP.


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