Playing backup copies in car

  VEG 23:22 09 Jun 03

After changing my car all my backup copies of cd's that I own wont play. Its a Clarion single cd player. In the manual it says it will only play disks with the compact disc trademark. Is there a way around this as I dont fancy leaving £200 quids worth of original cd's in my car.

Thanks in advance.

  hugh-265156 23:40 09 Jun 03

most will play cdr discs but have problems with cdrw`s im told.

  VEG 23:42 09 Jun 03

I am using cdr discs they play for a while I then get a cd error message on the cd player.

  smegs 23:44 09 Jun 03

Veg. Sounds to me that Ur Cd player won't play CDr's. It's a bit like some DVD players won't play CDr's. U have to buy the One that will play CDr's. Check it out on the Clarion web site. That sounds strange, I've got a Clarion in my car & it's about 5yrs old & thats ok. But It may B a new think to stop people from copying. Goodluck anyway

  hugh-265156 23:45 09 Jun 03

lowering the speed that they are recorded at will help.set to x4 very slow but should help in future.

  VEG 23:49 09 Jun 03

Any more ideas?

  hugh-265156 23:53 09 Jun 03

use the original discs and buy a flip carry case

  eccomputers 23:53 09 Jun 03

I agree with the speed issue. I usually copy music cds at X2 and they work great.

I have only recently bought a new nissan that has a cd player,it will play my cd-r's but cd-rw are still dodgy to play. On my old car the cd-r's would not play,it would only play compact discs. The only way to get them to play at all was to record the disks at a very slow speed on my cd-rw.

more and more cd players will have this facility in an effort by the INDUSTRY to stop us duplicating cds the answer is in smegs post, get an older cd player. or by a modern one that you can lock in the boot with loads of cds in it. or get an mp3 player

  Ironman556 23:57 09 Jun 03

It's probably a protection against copied CD's. It seems cd players have gone through a phase of not recognising cdr's, then into one of recognising cdr's, and now into one of ignoring them.

You could try high quality discs (pure silver for audio) and low writing speeds, but that would mean copying all your cd's again.

Does the Radio/CD support a multi disc changer. If you got one fitted that can read cd-r's it will probably solve the problem, but check that the cd/radio's not got somthing clever to communicate with other devices first.

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