Playin Rome Total War

  MrPB 22:01 15 Dec 06

Trying to play Rome Total War without success.
Installs ok, but no game play.
Pc is :
M/B Gigabyte GA-7ZXE
Athlon -PECM 1100
512 mb ram
40gig HD
Win 98 SE
Thinking maybe new graphics card,but which one?

  STREETWORK 23:27 15 Dec 06

Try this:

1. Install latest Direct X from microsoft.

2. Lower the resolution of your game in the graphics options.

3. Stop any other programs from running.

4. Update the graphic driver.

  citadel 16:11 16 Dec 06

you have not said what card you have now, if you are using onboard graphics these may not meet min req for the game. if you want yo fit a graphics card you will have to find out if the motherboard has a agp or pci express slot.

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