Playback of captured video is studdering

  BattleAngel1027 02:46 03 Mar 03
  Spook Tooth 03:23 03 Mar 03

Have you tried the captured footage using another playback device? Eg, Realplayer, Winamp etc...

What's it like when you are actually recording? If it's recording all right without dramitically dropping system performance, then I doubt it's a playback issue. It is much more demanding upon a system's CPU and memory to record/encode the pictures taken.

What's the actual graphics cards? ATI All-in-wonder? Which one? Which format/codec are you recording in? MPEG, AVI, DivX, DV, Miro, MS video? And what is the overall clockrate of your Pentium 3 COU? That will make a difference. (Your RAM - if it's DDR - is just about ok, but a little small for doing this on the fly recording.)

  BattleAngel1027 04:24 04 Mar 03

I have tried other playback devices such as my file player from my ATI card, Quicktime and Real Player with no luck.

When I record, it's fine. Everything looks good, but after I save it to my hard drive and try to play it back, it becomes either pixelated or studdered.

It is the ATI all in wonder card. I tried to record in MPEG and AVI formats.

I'm not sure what the overall clockrate of my Pentium 3 COU is. I spoke with a friend of mine and he says since Windows 98 (what I have) only uses 128MB of ram and I have 256, it must be another issue with my computer.
What do you think? Thanks for your input.

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