Platte Media

  User-1302650 15:12 23 Oct 08

Firstly the Platte Media shortcut icon appeared on my opening page. Then I keep getting pop ups of an invoice saying that I have subscibed to their film services. They say that I joined just before midnight on the 15th October and again in the first minutes of the 16th October. At the time we were asleep and unless our cat is a genious nobody else lives in the house to action this. I thought that I had deleted the programme but the short cut and invoice statements keep appearing. I am now also experiencing very slow connection and responses and a delay in seeing what I have typed. I am also experiencing regular drops in connection to the internet. Can you please help me remove this unwanted programme

  chub_tor 15:19 23 Oct 08

You will find Fruitbat's solution click here which has worked for others infected with this problem.

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