Platform specific disc onto XP

  thospot 17:15 28 Aug 05

Is it possible to install a software disc that is platform specific onto XP Pro when the disc says Windows 95/98?. It's a SoftKey Clipart disc....Thanks in advance....

  VoG II 17:16 28 Aug 05
  thospot 17:21 28 Aug 05

Thanks Vog. I will try it when I have sorted it out.. It takes me a while.

  thospot 17:35 28 Aug 05

I don't think this is the answer for my problem. The 'Windows Application Compatibility Mode' apparantly is for programs that are not functioning as expected and asks to click on the link to the program. My problem is that the disk I offer will not install at all... You might tell me different.
Thanks for your effort Vog.

  VoG II 17:40 28 Aug 05

click here and follow the instructions for 'How to test programs in compatibility mode' - B. I want to use the program in the CD-ROM drive

  thospot 18:07 28 Aug 05

I have tried to follow the instructions and have gone as far as I can but I still get 'This version of Video for Windows does not run on Windows NT. I don't know what it means but I think I will buy a more up to date version of this clip art and save all the bother. Thanks very much for your help Vog....

  DieSse 18:35 28 Aug 05

Since it's only clip-art, can you just not open the clips directly, without installing the accompanying prgram?

  thospot 19:09 28 Aug 05

Sorry for the late reply DieSse but I was called for my tea.... I really don't know what you mean. The clip art is on a disc I bought a couple of years ago.

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