Plastic thing aroound processor

  Thatslife 12:46 02 Jan 07

...the bit the heat sink and cooling fan is attached to.

Does anyone know what it's called??

It broke last night and there's no way to attach the heat sink and cooling fan to my processor.

  Technotiger 13:01 02 Jan 07

Hi, on some it is called a 'locking clip' on others a 'locking bar'.

  Technotiger 13:03 02 Jan 07
  Trackrat 13:08 02 Jan 07

It is called a LGA clamp mechanism, but I do not know if they are sold separately, or just with heat-sink/fan combinations.

  keef66 13:16 02 Jan 07

If it's like mine (Athlon socket A)I have always regarded it as part of the socket. If it breaks, you'll need to replace the motherboard. The little plastic lugs on the socket which secure the retaining clip often break because of the considerable force required to attach the clip.

Alternatively I have read about some Pentiums which have a separate gadget screwewd to the mobo, and to which in turn the heatsink etc is clipped. Presumably this could be replaced without scrapping the motherboard.

  keef66 13:29 02 Jan 07

Sockets like mine have 3 lugs on each side. Some retaining clips use only the middle one on each side, so if one breaks off, you're in the situation you describe.

Other heatsink retaining clips have 3 holes on each side and engage all 6 lugs, so the loss of one of the middle ones isn't a complete disaster.

If this is the case, have a look for a suitable cooler with a 3 point retaining clip.

(the pic of this one from Ebuyer will show you what I mean)

click here

  Thatslife 14:56 02 Jan 07

Thanks all.

  oz2003 19:32 21 Feb 07

Help. Do I really need to buy a new motherboard? The plastic processor base thingy seems to be fixed with four screws. AM2 Athlon 4200. I noticed when computer shut down and then repeated this a few times - as soon as heat built up.
Seems a poor design with only one little plastic tab.
Is there a way of temporary fix so I can at least back up my files before sending it to the fixers.

thanks. Running old 98 computer for time being.

  SLAYER 19:40 21 Feb 07
  oz2003 20:08 21 Feb 07

Thanks Slayer - pointed me in right direction - looks like I may have a solution.

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