Planning on cleaning heatsink/cpu

  woofwoofbark 10:58 08 May 11

I need to clean of the thermal paste from heatsink/cpu , I tried an old cpu on my comp to see if it still worked as I was thinking of going through a new build and looking to save some money.

I want a back-up comp to my main system , anyway ... I had a little arctic silver 5 and used it on the older cpu , cpu works fine. I then re-seated my e6600 but ran out of thermal paste , there is still some on the components so i fitted and started the comp , the cpu temperature has risen from low 20's c to mid 30's c , dagnamitt.

I im looking to clean of the existing paste and add some clean frsh arctic silver.

I bought all my components for my main system and put it together from scratch , ive never cleaned away the paste so was wondering if someone can confirm that this is all thats needed ???


Lint free cloths

rubbing alcohol

thermal paste

I had to look through ebay because it seems rubbing alcohol at 100% is virtually non existant and 99% is hard to find.

Is that all I need and if anyone has any tips for comp stores that may sell these items plase let me know.

Many thanks

  gengiscant 11:30 08 May 11

I use nothing more than a dab of aftershave on a t shirt cut up into rags. Works for me.

  onthelimit1 11:41 08 May 11

If you want the recommended stuff, it's isopropanal alcohol. Maplins sell it, or small bottle from click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 08 May 11

or nick the wife's nail varnish remover

don't use too much do it very lightly a bit at a time.

  letsgetrdy 00:25 09 May 11

Really it doesn't matter a WHOLE deal what you use. Even tissue would suffice (tiny fibres of tissue in reality wont screw you) aslong as you obviously observe the cpu to be "clean".

What tempreture was you hoping for? Mid 30s this time of year Isn't a whole lot bad. I have a old OC'd Q6600 on water that sits mid 30s. Low 20s in the winter :D

  lotvic 00:39 09 May 11

Last year when I did mine, I scraped off as much as I could then used White spirit on cotton buds as it is such mucky stuff, then old T shirt rag lightly moistened with White spirit to polish off until clean. Just be careful not to put too much new paste on, it only needs an even smear. I did it with my finger tip.

  sharpamat 09:36 11 May 11

I actually found PC World both for past and spray cleaner

  spuds 10:58 11 May 11

If you are going to use Iso-Propyl alcohol, then I would recommend that you try Lincs Biofuels Ltd for possibly the cheapest price and next day delivery. They do usually sell on eBay. I purchase 1 litre bottles which is ideal for cleaning purposes plus unblocking printer cartridge jets (they use it themselves on their own printers etc). I tend to find that your local chemist or perhaps Maplins may have this product, or can get it for you, but for the price of a 250ml bottle or similar low quantity you can buy a litre with free delivery from above company.

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