Pixel pitch- what size is good for an 18in TFT scr

  Dae 17:45 26 Jan 03

A recent thread in the ConsumerWatch group had a lot of praise for an 18inch LG 1810B TFT screen, which has a pixel pitch of 0.28mm.

I am a bit puzzled over the 0.28mm pixel pitch bit, because a review of this LG 1810B screen in PC Advisor said LG had “economised on specifications. The 0.28mm pixel pitch, for example, is higher than we would like”.

But a 0.28mm pixel pitch for an 18inch screen seems to be common. I had a quick look on the web site of Iiyama and Eizo. The pixel pitch of all the 18inch TFT screens listed was either 0.28mm or in one case 0.279

On the one hand it seems manufacturers think a 0.28 pixel pitch is good for an 18inch screen; on the other hand one magazine reviewer warns that 0.28mm is too big. I am hoping to buy a new TFT screen soon, a major use for me will be Office applications and looking at black-and-white text in DeskTopPublishing applications. I should like to know if those who have used an 18 inch, 0.28mm pixel pitch screen find the pixel pitch satisfactory.

Otherwise, if one follows the PC Advisor reviewer, what size pixel pitch would be OK, and who makes such a screen?

(Anyway, is not the pixel pitch determined by the native resolution, so that at 1280 x 1024 there has to be exactly 1280 picture elements across the width of the screen? So, as the screen width is a specific size, if you want 1280 x 1024 elements on an 18inch screen, you have got to have a pixel pitch of 0.28mm. Or do I not have this bit correct?)

  DieSse 18:00 26 Jan 03

"Or do I not have this bit correct"

You are quite correct - and this is what would tell you that .28mm pitch is fine for this size screen. Any smaller, and the number of pixels would be so high you'd have a job reading the screen!!

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