Pipex and humid weather

  Halmer 22:08 11 Jun 07

Alas I'm now convinced that whenever it is warm and humid my Pipex connection gives up the ghost.

Does anyone using Pipex else experience this strange phenomenon?

  Kate B 22:11 11 Jun 07


  Halmer 22:19 11 Jun 07

How do you know?

  IClaudio 22:41 11 Jun 07


  sunny staines 23:05 11 Jun 07


  arris 04:42 12 Jun 07

I moved from pipex for exactly that reason.

  arris 05:10 12 Jun 07

By the way, did you know it's pronounced Pipe-X and not Pip-X?

Made a right bloody fool of myself.

  Taff™ 06:36 12 Jun 07

Are you using a wireless connection? If so I might agree with you. Atmospherics can affect the wireless connection and a low signal will drop out - I have experienced that.

  IClaudio 08:34 12 Jun 07

"did you know it's pronounced Pipe-X and not Pip-X?

YEs. Notice the 'e'?

  anchor 09:01 12 Jun 07

No, and I have been on Pipex since 2002.

  silverous 12:06 12 Jun 07

I very much doubt this is a pipex-specific issue as in reality I suspect you don't have a pipex connection, you have a BT connection TO pipex with some kit at your end.

Could it be that the kit is running quite warm and in the hot weather it fails? Or that your BT line is sensitive to this? You say it "gives up the ghost" but what does that mean? Can't connect whatsoever for hours? Or it drops the connection?

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