PIP on Monitor/TV

  rickf 08:20 15 Jan 04

Hi All,
Is it poss. to move the PIP to a different place on my screen? It seems to stay just on the one spot which is to the top right hand corner which obscures the taskbar functions. Thanks.

  Big Elf 10:11 15 Jan 04

What's a PIP?

Picture In Picture. Usually you can move it, what is the TV tuner? On a card in the PC, or part of the monitor?

  Big Elf 10:18 15 Jan 04


  rickf 12:30 15 Jan 04

[email protected], If am not mistaken you may have the same monitor/tv as mine. Its Relysis 1720 widescreen which I think I gave you some info about a couple of months back when you were thinking of buying it. How do you move the PIP? Can you with yours is I am correct in my assumption.

  rickf 12:46 15 Jan 04

ok, I know how now.

  Big Elf 12:47 15 Jan 04


Yes it's the same. In the PIP screen you will see Scale for the four sizes, and H-pos and V-pos for the position.

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