Pioneer DVR-108 External

  Craigyh 07:14 01 Jan 05

I've just bought an external Pioneers DVR-108 writer. I am having difficulty in getting my pc to detect it, any ideas what i'm doing wrong? I'm using a USB2.0 cable. By the way there was a small 40pin ide cable in the box which I haven't a clue what it's for.



  VideoSentry 07:59 01 Jan 05

Does the DVR-108 have its own power supply or is it powered from the USB ?If it is powered from the USB are you using a external hub? As some USB ports will not give enough power. ( I only know this 'cos it happened to Me).If Yes to the above try plugging it directly to the machine.


  Craigyh 08:02 01 Jan 05

It's got it's own power supply. When I plug the usb cable in it crashes my pc, i'm still at a loss why there is an ide cable

  jimv7 10:12 01 Jan 05

Is it shown in device manager, if so does it have a yellow flag.

If flagged, delete it and restart the computer, this may sort it out.

  Craigyh 10:33 01 Jan 05

It doesn't appear in the device manager. if i leave all the usb cables in my pc wont start or shut down, is there a conflict somewhere?

  jimv7 11:22 01 Jan 05

Disconnect all your usb, except the writer, if that sorts it out then reconnect your other usb devices 1 at a time.

When it fails to restart you will have found the device thats causing the conflict.

  Craigyh 11:51 01 Jan 05

The writer is the only thing connected via usb

  jimv7 12:17 01 Jan 05

what os are you using.

  Craigyh 12:54 01 Jan 05

i'm using windows xp with service pack 1

  jimv7 13:24 01 Jan 05

Try a different usb port, does it work with a different computer.

  Craigyh 17:14 01 Jan 05

Same on all 4 usb ports. I'll try it on a friends.

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