Pioneer 106 OEM DWD RW

  stu1901 18:33 04 Jan 04

Hi, i think i am going to buy this DVD re writer. (£85) Any opinions? What does the OEM mean?


  jimv7 18:49 04 Jan 04

Original Eqipment Manufacturer, comes with no bells or whistles.

  jimv7 18:50 04 Jan 04

(Equipment) I will use the iespell checker that FE recommended.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:57 04 Jan 04

I have one in my computer and it seems fine. OEM means that it will probably be without manuals. I quote.....'Please Note: This is an OEM version and does NOT come in a Retail Box. OEM pack includes manual, drive and software'
click here

Here is more info than you can shake the provebial stick here


  temp003 10:54 05 Jan 04

The Pioneer 106 or A06 is a good drive from what I have read. Generally good compatibility with DVD blanks and writes pretty fast (at the same nominal speeds such as 2x or whatever, compared with other writers at same nominal speed).

With some OEM writers, they may not come with the full software bundle, but it seems not to be the case for this one according to Gandalf's link, so go for it.

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