Pinnacle Studio version 9

  amyjen7 11:47 09 Apr 07

Hi can someone please guide me through the process of adding additional music to that which comes as standard. In other words taking a piece off a CD transferrring to hard disk and then picking it up for transfer to fontage. I run Windows XP Home Edition

Your help would be very welcome

Thank you

  Daveboy 12:47 09 Apr 07

rip or d/load music to hard drive, say into my docs/music, (studio wants format AVI/MP3 or WAV).
Select EDIT tab, select speaker icon from left side tabs (show audio files), click on small folder icon near title list (select a different folder for sound effects) browse to your d/loaded music track and click on OPEN. you can now drag that track onto the timeline of your video (speaker icon line) this overlays the music over the original sound track.

  281apple 17:52 10 Apr 07
  Fingees 18:25 10 Apr 07


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