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Pinnacle Studio V9 - dvd as capture source??

  colcol 10:29 09 Jan 05

does anyone know if it is possible to use video on a dvd as a capture source for pinnacle studio 9.

I have transferred video from my dv camera to dvd using studio V8 or 9 and now want to use this video on the dvd as a capture source for further editing. is this possible if so "give us a clue pse".

  €dstowe 10:51 09 Jan 05

You need to separate the MPEG files from the DVD specific information on the disc.

Something like DVD Shrink may be the easy was to access these files.

Just a guess but, DVD shrink is free so trying it doesn't involve any outlay of cash.

  €dstowe 10:52 09 Jan 05

easy way not "easy was"


  colcol 17:57 09 Jan 05

many thanks but what is "dvd shrink" and where do I find it pse?

  €dstowe 17:59 09 Jan 05

Here we are - I should have put it on before.

click here

  colcol 18:18 09 Jan 05

many thanks. I followed the link but failed to find where I can download dvd shrink. I will keep trying. thanks again for your help.

  €dstowe 19:31 09 Jan 05

Try this - it appears on the third page of the link I gave before click here

  colcol 19:33 10 Jan 05

thanks for all help. I have downloaded dvdshrink but it doesn't help me use my own video on dvd as a capture source with pinnacle studio 9. however, I can see how useful dvdshrink can be for other uses.

does anyone know of ANY video editing software package which will capture video from a dvd for further editing and incorporating in new movie?

  €dstowe 20:08 10 Jan 05

Sorry I couldn't help on that - What you need is something to enable you to access/extract the MPEG files that are on the DVD. This is claimed to be possible with WinDVD Creator Platinum but then, that involves extra expense and I'm not certain how good it is.

Glad you found DVD Shrink potentially useful.

  Technotiger 20:47 10 Jan 05

Hi, you might find this site useful click here


  colcol 09:53 12 Jan 05

technotiger - many thanks. I have registered with this video users forum but cannot find the answer to my query on which video editibg software will allow me to re-edit my on video which is now on dvd.

this other forum will not allow newly registered members to post queries for first 2 days. tomorrow I will be able to ask my question.

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