bap 22:19 01 Jul 04

My new pinnacle 8 dvdrw will not copy dvds it says this is css copy protected
any help gratfull

  stalion 23:03 01 Jul 04

If you are trying to copy dvd's you can not just copy they have to be decrypted first also you would be infringing copywright

  THE TERMINATOR 23:25 01 Jul 04

The reason you cannot just copy a dvd is because the recordable disk will only take 4.7 gig of video, if the original(and most are)disk is bigger than this (as stalion says) you need to decrypt the dvd....TT

  Totally-braindead 23:30 01 Jul 04

If you are trying to copy a copyrighted DVD you won't get help here. You will have to try some other forum. If this is not the case then I wholeheartedly apologise.

  bap 18:59 02 Jul 04

Sorry i throught i could copy my own dvds for backup they cost plenty

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