Pink Screen ?? Wot was that ??

  IbanezRX 00:13 25 Sep 04

Hi Ya
whilst online earlier and for no apparent reason the screen went all pink and froze.
Had to turn pwr off and then on again, run scan disk and then all was ok. J ust curious if anyone has come across this b4

  Giggle n' Bits 00:19 25 Sep 04

but this could be an indication of many things.
VGA cable with damaged wire but this wouldn't cause a system freeze.

Though Graphics struggling may or lack of memory required for a task.

ideally we would need to know your computers specification, which Windows ?, amount of memory, CPU, intergrated graphics or a dedicated graphcis card.

It could just be a one off but if its repetative I would start to look more into it.

  IbanezRX 00:26 25 Sep 04

I will see if it happens again, ta 4 response....

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