pinacle tv card

  struggle8 20:19 27 Dec 03

Ihave a pinacle tv card all works fine except the composite bit s video is ok pictures r fine tv part is ok all tv channels and sound ok but when I plug into the composite plug nothing no picture just a blue screen it says in manual composite input for anolouge video eccetera any advice wouldn`t go amiss thanks

  struggle8 16:01 30 Dec 03

come on chappie`s some one must have a clue

  Chegs ® 17:01 30 Dec 03

What device are you connecting to the composite port?

  struggle8 15:39 31 Dec 03

vcr it says you can plug a video recorder player in to composite port /plug ie. video out to composte in but when I plug in vcr nothing

  Chegs ® 16:55 31 Dec 03

I have a RAVE card,its got alsorts of connectors on it,out of curiousity I tried connecting a Vid Rec+Vid Cam to each of its sockets,and each worked as it should.I would check the leads on your cables,as I found a slightly loose connector that wasn't gonna work until I removed it and reseated it again(waggled it!)produced a blue screen and no signal. :-)

  struggle8 21:19 31 Dec 03

have tryed new leads and cable still no luck;I have notices that when I start up pctv the software says 2.75 and the disc that came with it says 5.5 the same as the update on the pinnaclesys site could this make any difference the update will take 3 hours by my connection as it is 56k

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