Pictures to VCD

  pritchthestitch 14:36 20 Feb 07

Following the purchase of a new scanner at Christmas I have begun the lenghy process of transferring my climbing slides onto computer. All have scanned well enough but I decided to then make short video CDs of individual trips. I have tried making a VCD through NeroExpress (v6) which all went fine - at least I thought so until I tried to play the VCD. None of my computers would play it through WMP (up to date) or Quicktime. Win DVD just showed static shots. My DVD player by my TV showed the opening screen but only as a series of thumbnails. How can I get it to play like, say, a slideshow from the VCD?

  jimv7 15:04 20 Feb 07

Try PhotoStory from microsoft click here

  pritchthestitch 09:04 21 Feb 07

Thank you. That helped to get it into a format that WMP can play. Any suggestions on how to get it into a format that my DVD player will recognise also?

  Bagsey 09:13 21 Feb 07

If you want to make your slide show on a DVD you will need to get the plug in which costs about £10.00 . I use it and have had no trouble playing on a stand alone player. Sorry I cant give you the url for the plugin as I am not at home. Will try tonight if someone else has not come up with it.

  Bagsey 09:17 21 Feb 07

I have just remembered the plug in is from Roxio.

  Bagsey 09:26 21 Feb 07

Look down the page for it. It is a very quick downlod.
Now I must do some work Cheers
click here=

  pritchthestitch 09:30 21 Feb 07

Thank you!!!

  Ho-Lin-Sok 09:31 21 Feb 07

You can make slideshows in NERO on DVD, done it many times. Select "make slideshow" and add pictures then sounds, transitions etc. When finished click next and then "make slideshow" and then you can make another one and so on . Nero will then create a menu with all your shows in it, you can customise this and every show will have it's own start tab. I have played mine on the telly and on the computer, but using Nero Showtime.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:21 21 Feb 07

One thing to watch is to set the title options, if you want to play each title you need to tell it to "Return to main menu " after playing or it will play all titles in a row.

  ribo 10:59 21 Feb 07

I agree with Ho-Lin-Sok, I have made many slide shows on DVD with Nero 6. You can also use Windows Movie Maker.

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