Pictures on Disk

  User-178362 20:48 19 Nov 05

I have folders containing pictures, on a disk. If I were to add another folder containing pictures onto the same disk, would I overwrite any of the others?

  Skills 21:26 19 Nov 05

If the folders where the same name then they would write over each other but you can have different named folders containing files of the same name.

  User-178362 22:20 19 Nov 05

I'm a little confused, (containing files of the same name) I have folders 1 ships,
2 friends,etc I would like to add a folder with black and white pictures in. The folder is called black and white. Would that be alright to put onto the disk with my folders containing my pictures?

  DieSse 23:07 19 Nov 05

Yes - no problem at all.

  palinka 17:05 20 Nov 05

Just make sure they have different names from anything there already.
For example, if in "Friends" you have a pic called "Jane" and another called "Bob", you must not name any new pic "Jane" or "Bob" because then they WOULD overwrite the existing pics(it doesn't matter whether they are black and white or colour), You'd get a warning message first, no doubt.
However, if you've got a different/new pic of (say) Jane you can call it "Jane2" or "Jane 2" or any other variant so that YOU know it's Jane and the computer realises they are diffent pics (files).

  DieSse 17:30 20 Nov 05

As Skills said earlier - you don't have to worry about names when they're in different folders.

  ade.h 18:35 20 Nov 05

Just to clarify; it does not matter what names you give to individual files, but the parent folders must be different.

Pic001 in Folder A will not be over-written by Pic001 in Folder B.

For example; I have archived work that is made up of various folders with meaningful names that contain files with the same names, like excel01-03 through to excel12-03. The CDFS (Compact Disc File System) copes with this and none of the identically named files are lost, as long as they have their own parent folders.

  User-178362 19:31 20 Nov 05

I think I know but not positive. I have folders named Ships, friends, family, Grace, HG, Nottingham, etc I would like to add a folder called Black and white to the disk. Inside this folder there might be a picture called Grace, I have many pictures containing the name Grace in my family folder, which haven't been overwritten, so I think I am doing correctly. Are the pictures in the folders considered as files?

  User-178362 19:37 20 Nov 05

I feel sure I now know. Folder called Grace will have a picture called Grace swimming. In my folder called HG I could have a picture called Grace swimming. This picture would not be over written as it is in a folder called HG.

  ade.h 20:58 20 Nov 05

You've got it. Remember; the name does not matter, only its location does.

  woodchip 23:24 20 Nov 05

If you made the disc Multi session it should allow you to add a folder, don't know about XP software as I never use it

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