Picture recovery program from woodchip

  Graham* 11:04 04 Mar 12

I have lost a folder of pictures. I've tried several programs to find them with no luck so far.

If woodchip is out there, do you still have that program that found pictures even if they had been deleted, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 04 Mar 12

What have you tried so far?

Campic Restore

  Confab 11:30 04 Mar 12

This one is very good


  Nontek 12:03 04 Mar 12

CampicRestor is the one you are referring to, as per Fruit Bats' post.

  Graham* 12:12 04 Mar 12

Thanks both, I'll go for Campic in a while, I've been tasked with other things right now...

  Graham* 13:27 04 Mar 12

Digital Image Recovery now running, 9574 images so far. Here's hoping I can search the results by name.

  Nontek 14:37 04 Mar 12

You can open the D.I.R. folder and actually watch your pics appearing. They are auto-saved into the main DIR Folder in your C:Programs. You can also delete any that you do not wish to keep.

  Graham* 16:11 04 Mar 12

Trouble is, they're just numbered. It's up to 44,000 now, not a quarter way through. I've looked at the first 2,500, many are off the news.

Is there a way to limit the search, I wonder?

  Nontek 16:45 04 Mar 12

You could try putting the prefix .jpg into the search line.

When using the program on a hard drive, it will pick-up every little icon from every program on the PC (they are all images) - that is why you get so many!

I suggest that you stop the process now, if not already done so. You can then go to the folder where all these images have been saved, probably D.I.R. in C:Programs and save any that you wish to keep in a separate folder while deleting the rest.

  Nontek 16:47 04 Mar 12

PS - although CampicRestor does work on hard drives, it is really intended for use on Camera Cards and similar.

  Graham* 23:33 04 Mar 12

Thanks all. I have Acronis back-ups on an external drive, could I do a backup now, restore to one of the old backups with hopefully the missing pictures, then once saved, restore to my latest backup?

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