Picture Manager - Saving edited pics problem

  tolly2 13:19 27 May 09


when using MSO 2007 picture manager I'm having the following problem:

If I try and edit a picture that has come from my phone (Samsung Pixon) I can't then save or export the result. I get told that saving has failed and to try again, which doesn't work.

If I edit a picture downloaded from the web, I can save and export any edited pic with no probs.

I assume its some kind of permissions thing?

Any ideas please?


  tolly2 17:41 27 May 09

bump !

  Graham. 19:22 27 May 09

What extension are you trying to save as?

  tolly2 22:39 27 May 09

Its a JPEG

  Graham. 23:03 27 May 09

Could be Picture Manager can't do the conversion to jpeg. What is the extension out of the Pixson?

  tolly2 12:44 02 Jun 09


the Pixon saves the photos as jpeg.

Just found out that photos that have come from my phone onto the laptop can't be uploaded to Facebook either :-(

Could it be anything to do with being transferred to the laptop by bluetooth?


  tolly2 14:51 02 Jun 09

Not just bluetooth!

The same happens to jpegs transferred by usb cable too

  tolly2 19:55 06 Jun 09

Got it sorted :o)

Many thanks go to to DieSse (and everyone else who provided suggestions)

I loaded Paint Shop Pro onto my laptop. It can handle the jpegs from my Pixon with no problems.

They can then be used in my other programs / Facebook.

Both of the programs I was trying were Microsoft (Paint and Office Picture Manager)so perhaps that was the problem!

  Sea Urchin 20:44 06 Jun 09

I don't see any suggestions from DieSse on your thread? Maybe he's using auto-suggestion.

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