picture gone!!

  subaru 19:57 10 Mar 04

Strange problem:
Made a sata rig out of new bits for a friend, everything working well. Windows XP.
He says he changed the monitor and everything went blank.
Checked it all out, problem persists with different graphics card, and monitors. Though, trying older monitors theres no picture at all, except for some odd diagonal mauve lines, with a modern monitor it loads fine up to the windows XP logo, then everthing goes blank, and the monitor seems to shut off. Checked all the connections and everthing obvious.... tend to think its not hardware so I wont go into detail about it....unless of course you guys want me to!!
Help!! Very embarrassing!!

  Diodorus Siculus 21:59 10 Mar 04

Can you boot into any OS, even safe-mode or VGA mode? If so, reduce the resolution / refresh rate if you can.

  subaru 17:11 11 Mar 04

well thanks dido(!!!!!!!!????????) quality over quantity eh!!
I spose i was reflecting along refresh rates and safe modes, so your response jogged my mind.
Started in safe mode fine........big sigh of relief, ie no major hard/ soft ware probs. Fiddled around with settings for a bit then got lazy and went for a system restore. worked first time!! Begs the question about why it happened in the first place??
At lest if it happens again i can probably guide my non tec pal on the phone......through safe mode and system restore. If he dont want it ill have it back..its the best pc ive ever had the pleasure to use!!
Dont think its anything to do with sata??
regs terry

  mole44 17:17 11 Mar 04

i know what went wrong and i invented this to cover it

EKIT for short

  fuzzyone 17:26 11 Mar 04


don't think it has anything to do with sata, looks more like it has been on a resolution/ refresh rate that the monitor couldn't cope with.

I've done it a few times myself in years gone by.

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