Picture finding program?

  silverdragon4 21:18 01 May 07

Does anyone know if there is a program out there that can search the internet for a certain picture?
Meaning, if i have a picture on my computer, is thier a program that can find that picture on the internet?

  Jak_1 21:22 01 May 07

Have never heard of one. Does the pic have a title? You could try putting a description into a google search and click on images.

  Diversion 21:29 01 May 07

Express_WebPictures_v1.85 and GrabFile v3.6 the second one also searches for other types of files including PDF files.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:33 01 May 07



  silverdragon4 21:44 01 May 07

@Jak_1 thing is. i run a number of profiles online looking for Scammers who use fake pictures. What i need a program that i can tell to look online for where that pic came from. but i will try the tile search now :)

@Diversion. i just looked up those programs, they will be useful, but if you read what i said to Jak_1, you will see what i need

  Diversion 15:01 02 May 07

Maybe this search engine will help you click here

  MAJ 16:17 02 May 07

"Meaning, if i have a picture on my computer, is thier (there) a program that can find that picture on the internet?"

No, not if it's only on your PC. Unless, you have it in a shared folder belonging to a P2P (Peer- To-Peer) file sharing program.

  Totally-braindead 16:21 02 May 07

I have never heard of a program that can do this, outside of Hollywood films.
Thats not to say it doesn't exist though.

  silverdragon4 18:14 02 May 07

ok thx peeps :)

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