Picture file apparently damaged..anything be done?

  edennorman 17:45 13 Dec 05


I have just tried to retrieve a vital picture...a .TIF file.

None of the pictures in the folder will open...they seem to have been damaged in some way...I get various messages about truncated file length and "This is not a photoshop document" etc.

Is there anything I can do to open this picture somehow...it is unfortunately very important.

Is there software that can repair damged files, so that at least they can be opened?

Thank you


  Diemmess 17:53 13 Dec 05

You say none (in a folder) will open.
Time to experiment with nothing to lose in trying.
Can you "see" the individual files in this folder if you approach through My Computer?

If you can see the individual files, try downloading Picasa and see what can be seen/or not among the thumbnails there.

  Diemmess 18:01 13 Dec 05

PS to previous post
Picasa, for a freebie is amazing. It doesn't seem to mind what is offered or what format. It will detect any picture in any application and you can then print from it or save_it_as.

Hopefully it is the subscript which is wrong rather than the basic file itself.

  Hamish 18:27 13 Dec 05

As stated by Diemmess to great click here

  Pidder 18:29 13 Dec 05

? Irfanview seems to be able to open most picture files

  AubreyS 18:36 13 Dec 05

Like Pidder says, Irfanview (free) helped me with a similar problem. click here

  The Spires 19:31 13 Dec 05

Try this click here

  edennorman 19:48 13 Dec 05

Diemmess: I can locate the pictutes through My Computer, there are other file types in this particular folder, none of which will open...though in another folder..further into the directory tree...their are similar picture files which open with no problem at all.

I have just downlaoded Picasa but it did not pick up the pictures...it was as if they did not exist to the software...so I am going to try infranview.

Well..infranview didn't work either...but when I tried to open one of the damaged picture files it threw up an error message which might throw some light on this...if someone knew what it meant..if anything?

This is the error message:

Can't read file header, unknown file format.

Any other suggestions good people?


  edennorman 19:52 13 Dec 05

The Spires: Thanks for the link...this software has a specific file recovery filter which should prove useful, downloading it now, and Il'e try it.


  Diemmess 22:33 13 Dec 05

Just to bump this again.
Admire your persistence, it really seems something has been lost or wrongly "indexed."

The ray of hope from what you say, seems to be that the trouble might lie with that particular folder, rather than the file type within.

Its a bit naieve, but I suppose you have tried copying a file to somewhere away from the folder and then trying to open it from there.
Or even pasting into photo shop after copying to the clipboard from the 'new' location?

  VoG II 22:36 13 Dec 05

If you have Microsoft Office, I have found that Microsoft Photo Editor can recover corrupt files.

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