Pics don't show in Internet Explorer

  Zapit 21:40 03 Feb 03

When I open internet explorer 6.0 pictures show as box with small red cross. I have checked the show pics box, and even screen refresh doesnt do the trick. But if I open My Computer, and run from that window, pages and pics appear perfectly as long as I stay in the same window.
When a new window is opened by a website, I am back to the red crosses again. Any ideas?

  scooby43 21:47 03 Feb 03

hi Zapit

firewalls seem to be the main problem I think because I have found that with norton it tends to block pictures ?


  Zapit 22:06 03 Feb 03

Disabled norton firewall, and Internet Explorer is working like a dream! Cheers scooby43, very grateful. You have saved me hours of tinkering! Thanks

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