Picking up mail on my old ISP (and other things)

  Graham. 17:33 03 Mar 09

I switched to BT Broadband from Sky on 3rd February. I also cancelled Sky TV on the same date. Sky said they would post my final bill, so I cancelled the Direct Debit.

Now I'm getting letters citing an additional monthly charge to send me bills by post.

When I call Sky (many times), they say I'm still with them for broadband, and the system won't let them cancel Sky TV.

To get to the point :-), I can still send and receive emails via Sky, as well as BT, using Windows Mail. Is this normal after a switch, or is it a sign that something is screwed up?

  Clapton is God 17:37 03 Mar 09

I think it's a sign that Sky have screwed up.

I assume you got a valid MAC code from them?

Nag them again

  Graham. 17:38 03 Mar 09

I got a MAC code, but it arrived after the switch. BT said they didn't need it.

  Clapton is God 17:42 03 Mar 09

I would still go back to Sky to establish what game they're playing at.

If you can still send/receive e-mails via Sky it's a pretty sure bet that your BB is still active with them

  Graham. 17:48 03 Mar 09

Sky is LLU, BT will have removed the jumper wire from my line to the LLU equipment?

  User-1229748 17:50 03 Mar 09

i don't know of skys emails but i can still use my old aol email address and it's been 12 months since i left aol.

  Graham. 17:54 03 Mar 09

Thanks, makes you wonder.

Additional information: the Broadband Talk line on the BT hub works, which would seem to indicate I'm with BT.

  Switcher 19:30 03 Mar 09

The only way that you would normally keep an old ISP address is if you have a PAYG dial up connection. However you could still have your old sky address if SKY have not deleted it, even if your broadband has been changed over.

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