Picassa problem

  bluto1 21:52 24 Nov 07

I've about 850 photos in various mini "albums" in picassa 2 and I want to sort them into larger albums. EG, I'd like to put all the photos of my nephew's family into one, and my nieces into another. I cannot find the necessary command to click on to do this. Any help please?

  Forum Editor 22:36 24 Nov 07

of all of your folders in Picasa. Just click 'View' then 'Sort Folder List' then you can select by Date Created, Recent Changes, or Name. Selecting 'Name' will arrange your files alphabetically in descending order and will remove the year markers.

You can sort your photos within an Album or Folder using the 'Sort By' option under 'Folder' then 'Sort by'. You can sort your photos by Name, by Date, or by Size.

Does that help?

  Forum Editor 22:39 24 Nov 07

that you can organise your images any way you like into folders on your hard drive, and then get Picasa to add these to its list

You can add a single folder like this:

1. Click "File."
2. Click "Add Folder" to Picasa.
3. Find the folder you wish to add by browsing through the "Picasa Folder Manager."
4. When you find the folder, click it, then select either "Scan Always" or "Scan Once."
5. Click "OK."

All photos from the selected folder should now be available in Picasa.

  bluto1 22:51 24 Nov 07

Thank you, I'll try sorting on the hard drive first. The object is to put future photos into the correct album. Thanks for your help.

  Forum Editor 22:59 24 Nov 07

the thing to remember is that Picasa is an indexing application, as well as having some basic photo-editing capabilities.

Put the images into the right folders on your hard drive and that's how Picasa will see (and display) them.

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