Physical Memory Dump

  Haol 12:51 17 Feb 06

Does anyone know why a blue screen appears and says some stuff and near the bottom it says physical memory dump? I've recently re-installed Windows XP Professional and switched from Firefox to Opera those were the two major changes I've made. I changed the Paging File size to a maximum of 4000mb so that I have Virtual Memory but this does not seem to help.

  aca 15:45 17 Feb 06


If you can it would be helpful to make a note of the stop message on the screen and post it here. This may help to troubleshoot.

Have a look at click here

or do google on BSOD.

Sure there are also similar threads in this forum.

  aca 15:47 17 Feb 06

If you cant see message and PC is restarting (doesn't sound from your post that it is) you can make sure it stays on Stop Screen by following:

Right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced, Startup and Recovery - Settings, System Failure - untick Automatically Restart.

  Haol 18:23 17 Feb 06

OK I'll make a note of what comes on the screen next time it happens.

  Haol 08:41 18 Feb 06

Ok so here are the numbers that come up

STOP 0x000000D1 (0x86000000, 0x000000082, 0x000000000, 0xF7354A98) and it says w22n51.sys

I've tried searching w22n51.sys on Google and results tell me that the problem is my Intel 2200bg card, thankyou guys.

  aca 08:56 18 Feb 06

Glad you have found fault, best thing to do is to go to Intel website and download and install updated driver

  Haol 11:07 18 Feb 06

Will do.

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