Photshop 7.0

  Dirty Dick 20:41 14 Nov 05

I'm running Photoshop 7.0 and want to change the shape of the brushes that are already in the drop-down menu. Is there a way where I can change, or maybe edit, the shape and size of the brushes?



  csqwared 20:53 14 Nov 05

I use Photoshop 6.0 so this may be different in yours. Modify existing brush - click it in the brush palette, it's icon will appear in the Options bar. lick the Options bar & the Brush Characteristics dialog box appears. Make changes then close. Create a custom brush - Select area of image, choose Layer/New/Via Copy. Choose Edit/Define Brush and Brush Name dialog box appears. Name the brush which brings up the New Brush dialog box, choose spacing and the brush appears on the brush paleete.

  hssutton 21:52 14 Nov 05

And I use CS2, so again it may be different. As DD for the first part.

For the second part, "File >> New" set size to 100-200 pixels square, design your brush, then go to "Edit >> Define Brush". Now save this with a suitable name. That's all there is to it.

Just as a matter of interest, this is an ideal way to create a watermark or logo for your online pics. when you design your brush, use the text tool and type in a name or create a logo, crop to size. You will need to flatten the layers then save, again with a suitable name.

Now on your completed image just select the brush + a suitable colour and pixel size then click on the image where you want the name/logo.

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