Photosmart C7280

  Spr 17:37 20 May 11

I have been all day trying to install HP Photosmart C7280. I’m having a problem while the printer is working fine. HP Solution Centre is when I click scan picture I get “Unable to communicate with HP scanning software check it has been installed Correctly”

Or hpqscnvw.exe cannot be found I have been onto HP problem site but cannot find the answer.

Does anyone know of the programme you can download that will remove everything associated to C7280 so I can install from new.

  eedcam 18:07 20 May 11

Evo uninstaller its free

  eedcam 18:08 20 May 11

Sorry forgot this stupis PCA setup for linkslink text

  spuds 18:33 20 May 11

Revo will uninstall unwanted programs, but be careful and follow the instructions.

HP have (or had!) a live chatline, which someone will provide advice if you cannot resolve the problem.

  morddwyd 19:59 20 May 11

Load your HP software disc but don't run it.

Use File Explorer to navigate to a file called "L2 Uninstall" I think it's in the "Utils" folder, and run it.

Then manually delete any HP stuff that is left - make sure you get it all, otherwise it will fool the system into thinking the programme is still installed (as you've already found out!)

Then reinstall from scratch.

You may find you have to carry out this procedure more than once, as the install may hang at 96%.

If it does, don't try any sort of recovery - go back to L3 uninstall and start again.

With luck it won't take up the whole of your weekend!

  eedcam 22:13 20 May 11

Hence the suggestion to use Revo it will do that in minutes

  morddwyd 07:15 21 May 11

Never has done for me, but perhaps it works on some versions of the software.

I have found that, on four different HP MFDs, using a normal uninstaller leaves stuff behind, even after using a registry cleaner like Ccleaner or similar.

Maybe spr will be lucky.

My L3 suggestion did, initially, come from the HP chatline, now defunct for UK users, which spuds suggested.

  eedcam 09:02 21 May 11

Ok but I think that is as you say an HP thing as Its never failed me on numerous software .


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