Photoshop7 illegal op on close.

  mosfet 20:19 27 May 03

This has just started again,after a format & a very clean & tidy re-install.Every close of P/S even without working,I get illegal op,invalid page in module Kernell 32 DLL etc.I cannot even close the box it's a restart.
I am on Win98SE.P3,loads of HD space 512Ram & no other photo prog.
Any ideas please.

  The Transporter 20:42 27 May 03

It if makes no difference just take it out after.

Go into the system.ini file.
it is in the c:\windows\system\ folder

Open it with Notepad.

Make a back up before hand. Just copy it to another area of folder on your pc.

scroll down and find a part that says Vcache. it will have a gap under it.

put this in




if it comes out different when i posted the max is on a new line below the Min.

I will post back if i have anymore ideas.

  The Transporter 20:43 27 May 03
  mosfet 21:26 27 May 03

Thanks The Transpoter,will try your idea & i have printed off from the PS site also.I didn't get the bit about ram did you mean put more in? cos I've put more in from 256mb,but no change.I'll log off now & have a go,but am still learning.I'll get back.

  mosfet 22:38 27 May 03

Just made adjustments as [VCashe] but it's the same.Please keep thinking

Regards Les

  The Transporter 23:39 27 May 03

512 MB of ram. Yours has just 512 mb. Win xp can handle any amount but ME can't. By telling it to only use a maximum of 512 mb in its cache will stop it from memory dumps etc.

Is this your error

PHOTOSHP caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 0177:bff9d709.
EAX=c002fb0c CS=0177 EIP=bff9d709 EFLGS=00010216
EBX=00000000 SS=017f ESP=00befe28 EBP=00bf00c4
ECX=00000000 DS=017f ESI=00000000 FS=124f
EDX=00bf0104 ES=017f EDI=0088b958 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
53 8b 15 dc 9c fc bf 56 89 4d e4 57 89 4d dc 89
Stack dump:

Go here: It is for start ups etc. But might help.
Look at reply 2.

click here

Other things could be:

What graphics card are you using and do you have the latest drivers for it? Do you have the latset bios for your Motherboard?

Use this program to find out what your harware compnents are:

click here

then use click here

to find the relevant downlaod pages that are specific to your components.

If unsure just post back.

Try new g.card drivers first. And do not worry about your bios. That is a last resort. If need be I will write out a very easy way for it to be done, which has not let me down.


  mosfet 20:52 28 May 03

I didn't realise i had to restart after your [VCashe] instruction,so it all locked as usual i had no choice but to reset.When i next closed PS it's cured. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.
Over a year struggling & you sort it in minutes.How did you know a thing like that? -TREB- sorted my key sticking prob out just the same.Both probs have been there from the PC being new,no wonder i have made hard work of it.The PC's been in & out the shop several times the local "expert" had it 5 weeks & nobody sorted it.
I cannot tell you & the others in the forum how grateful i am.
Thankyou Les

  The Transporter 22:38 28 May 03

Glad it is fixed


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