Photoshop help needed

  podlod 09:40 AM 06 Nov 11

Hi, I wish to transfer 3 different people from 3 separate photos and place them altogether on one photo only, so it looks as if they have been all snapped together. I don't know if this can be done, but i would like somebody to explain on how to carry out this task. My suite is Photoshop CS5.1 portable. Thanks for any help.

  compumac 09:59 AM 06 Nov 11

It can be done relatively easily if the lighting etc on each photo is similar/identical. I have done it many times but it does take great care to ensure that they merge together without being obviously from different photos. There are some tutorials on the web for doing this, I will look up these and come back later today

  BT 17:59 PM 06 Nov 11

Lots of Photoshop/Elements tutorials here. In general they are interchangeable

PS/Elements Tutorials

  eedcam 18:23 PM 06 Nov 11

All as already said plus you need to get yourself aquainted with layers and Selections .It helps to decide which Photo is going to be the finished one and has the suitable background or use a another background altogether . It is quite time weary to get it right and look real but it can usually be done Several tutorials here and on you tube Photoshop

  podlod 11:27 AM 08 Nov 11

Hi thanks for all your help, and will look forward to hearing from you compumac.

  compumac 11:55 AM 08 Nov 11



Try googling for "Deke McClelland" photoshop tutorials. He is excellent. I have several CD'/DVD's of his in respect of Photoshop.

Let me know how you get on.

  compumac 11:57 AM 08 Nov 11



  compumac 12:01 PM 08 Nov 11

podlod Just looked at and it now appears to be subscription based tutorials. Try googling for Photoshop tutorials and you will find a good number out there that are free to get you started.

  podlod 08:39 AM 13 Nov 11

Hi, I want to thank you once again compumac for helping me find these websites, and will return and let you see how I got on.


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