Photoshop Essentials 11

  Diemmess 15:20 08 Feb 13

Years with Corel Photopaint last installed in v.12

Took a deep breath and have just installed Photoshop Essentials v. 11

Gone are the days of Corel v.3 when the disks were many, plus a weighty handbook and even a video tape where "Susan2 took one slowly through all the basic stuff.

I have this horrid feeling that if I want to have an idea of where some of the more useful and exciting things are, I have to wade through help via the website each and every time I want an answer!

I'd rather have a printed manual but that would probably cost as much as the licensed program. Is there no way of downloading good help files in savable PDF format?

  SillBill 15:51 08 Feb 13

There a several sites offerring PDF files but they all want payment. have a look with Google.

  Diemmess 18:08 08 Feb 13

Thanks SillBill. I spelled the title wrongly (Essentials for Elements) and was too idle to try Google believing that no one would dare dip a toe in Adobe's waters Try here

Safely downloaded for some study.

It is a free download of the 600 page manual. I still prefer paper, As that is around $25.00 my eagerness is dulled.

  SillBill 18:28 08 Feb 13

Thanks,Diemmess, that was actually one of the first I saw, but I assumed you needed to have an Ebook reader to view it!!

  john bunyan 19:38 08 Feb 13

At £18 this may be worth a look.

Photoshop 11

  SillBill 19:44 08 Feb 13


It says £15.10 which is even better! I really do prefer to be able to flick through a printed book and this is probably not much more expensive than buying 2 reams of paper and probably at least one set of cartridges!!

  Diemmess 11:30 09 Feb 13

Whatever turns you on......

I have twice bought Dummies and been disappointed. In each case I found fundamentals rather than the details I was seeking.

Corel Photopaint has been my best bet as I followed it from v. 3 a version of which a reviewer said at the time. "Do you remember my list of things to do while CorelDrw was [redrawing] printing?". With v.12 I bought a student deal which included neither a manual nor online help. I still use Corel Draw v.12 but have to be careful even with this to avoid a freeze.

Sad, but the days of paper manuals have passed in the interest of lower pricing.

I'm happier with what I now have if only because many of the gizmos I already use, but are named differently. It's just a matter for me to discover the Adobe names for procedures already known and to enjoy finding the new and better ones in Elements.

I could of course make a shortened version of the download...... but I won't even try to put it on paper.


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