PHOTOSHOP CS freezing when trying to use type tool

  joelmb 01:30 11 Oct 05

Hi. I hope someone can help here. I've got a brand new pc running xp pro, and having installed photoshop CS on, it now freezes when I try to use type tool. Basically I can type in the font already selected, but I go to change the font, and as soon as i click with the type tool onto the canvas it freezes and I have to quit as it's stopped responding. Image ready doing the same.

I've searched on forums etc, and a common cure is to delete the photoshop preference files and folder so it recreated them, and ctrl-alt-shift on start to recreate the preference file, and tried deleting the font list. I've tried all of these but no joy its still doing it. I've tried reinstalling photoshop twice, still no joy.

I also read it might be a corrupt font but not sure how to check this? But this does seem possible as its changing font that causes it.

Pleeeeeease, does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:33 11 Oct 05

It may be the default font that is corrupt; you can rename it and PS will try a different one as a defaut.

  joelmb 17:45 11 Oct 05

just reinstalled PS7 which works fine.

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