Photoshop - add one colour layer to greyscale pic?

  HUGOMAT 11:33 26 Mar 06

Can anyone tell me how to add a single colour feature (layer) to a poster which I have converted to greyscale (black+white).
I am using Photoshop 2 elements.
The original pic was full colour and I have tried coping the coloured layer from this to the greyscale pic. No success. If anyone can save me hours of experiment I'd be very grateful.

  hssutton 12:08 26 Mar 06

I don't quite understand your question, are you saying that you want to create a Duotone?

i.e. convert B&W (Greyscale) image to two colours and also, do you want to finish up with three layers or just a single layer

  GuZ><0r 12:17 26 Mar 06

After you have changeds the picture to greyscale, change it back to RGB colour. Now, the the picture should stay black and white, but you will be able to add colour to it!

Good luck

  HUGOMAT 17:17 26 Mar 06

Thanks for the fast responces.

Going to RGB colour and adding the colour feature solved it and saved me hours of groping around in darker hues. The poster now looks stunning. Thanks - best Mother's day ever!

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