Photos/graphics missing on Firefox

  Muergo 31 Dec 11

This is possibly the third time I've asked over several months, so I apologise for repetition but still with no results from the various suggestions. Firefox misses out photos on certain pages, not all of them, but as an example, I have e-bay running on both FF and IE9, a site shows the details of an article, in this case a chainsaw, but when clicking from small illustration to main page, IE9 shows the enlarged photo but Firefox gives all the details except a blank where the photo should be.

For many months I have been used to switching to IE( when I need to see photos but it is a bind.

I have tried a new profile but no change. I suppose the only remedy is a total reinstallation?

  rdave13 31 Dec 11

In options, content, is the box ticked for 'load images automatically' and no exception set under the tab?

  Muergo 31 Dec 11

Yes gone through all options and taken off all restrictions even popups and ADblock is off.

  rdave13 31 Dec 11
  Muergo 31 Dec 11

i've even gone through "Images or animations do not load" in Mozillazine and none work so far, so I's down to a total uninstall/reinstall or move to Chrome?? but as I have a Nokia Lumia phone I'll probably stick with IE9 although it doesn't have all the extras I like, Samfind especially.


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