rotormota 21:45 06 Aug 08


I want to create a photo effect which is common just about on every website. Basically it is one photo fading to another & so on. I have flash software to fade in/out one image but how do I generate a multiple photo animation?

I use a very good & easy freeware called FlashyEffects which is simplicity itself but for the life of me I can't get the desired result.

Any ideas?


  rotormota 09:19 07 Aug 08

Your loss mate

  rotormota 09:26 07 Aug 08

Also, have you got anything to show for yourself? If not then post some links as to exactly what you think is a good website. Should be interesting.


  gerri-atrick 13:21 07 Aug 08

I agrees with fourm, flash is more trouble than its worth, especially for a site for a business, kids sites or fun sites maybe, business no chance.

  rotormota 14:53 07 Aug 08

Thanks. I clicked on the links & was instantly turned off by the over use of text, bad design/layout coupled with the requirement to scroll down instant no no as any web designer will tell you. Punters wish to see a page in one-not to have to scroll. Faced by all that copy, users will most certainly be hot footing back to Google for another link to a site that is easier on the eye.

Horses for courses I guess but the two links I posted have had nothing but positive feedback.


  rotormota 19:27 07 Aug 08

I will have the last say on this!

The sites don't need to rank highly on Google or any other search engine for that matter. They are a supplementary source of further information to prospective clients from other advertising media such as the Yellow Pages & to this end they have proved there worth by gaining new biz.

Anyway back to the matter in hand- any suggestions as to how to create the desired flash photo effect? Probably not because there seems to be a preference here to be stuck in the dark ages. The web without movement (video/animation) is akin to saying black & white TV is better than colour.


  Kemistri 00:04 08 Aug 08

Why can you not just use JS instead? It would be easier for you and it offers exactly the effect that you describe.

As for the Flash debate, my views about that are already well known. For one thing, I sell my work on its accessibility and usability, so any Flash content that needs to be seen or accessed is usually out for the most part. With a background in graphic design, I don't feel that I need to rely on the crutch of Flash to make an attractive website either. Some Flash sites can be effective if the Flash serves a purpose of media delivery for which there is no technical alternative. But, as the developers of the iPlayer are still finding, delivering that in a fully accessible and usable package is a real challenge. Using Flash for the sake of it is rather weak and using it to deliver content that can be delivered effectively by other means is just plain bad practice.

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