photos on dvd to get printed

  Desperate-Dan 16:05 19 Feb 09

Hi, I made a photo slide show using nero, I took the dvd to asda to get the photos printed, but asda are saying they can't print them because its the wrong format, they said it should be mpeg, is there a way I can change all the photos to mpeg

  Technotiger 16:26 19 Feb 09

Have never done it via ASDA myself nor any other commercial place, but surely the photos should be jpeg for printing. MPEG is for Video!

Or do ASDA think you want a slide-show printed ????

  Desperate-Dan 16:29 19 Feb 09

Sorry I meant jpeg

  Technotiger 17:38 19 Feb 09

Picaview will do allow you to easily convert picture formats, you will find it within this link. The early version is free and if you follow my instructions in that link you will have the Full free version. It is excellent.

click here

  eedcam 18:25 19 Feb 09

Asda is correct if you made afull blown slide show its all Mpeg.To get the pics back you will need to capture them from the show and save as whatever.Most players have a capture button or snapshot button

  Desperate-Dan 18:38 19 Feb 09

All my photos on my pc are jpeg format, but when I burn them onto a disk with nero, Nero changes the format so you can just view them on a on pc or dvd player

  Technotiger 18:41 19 Feb 09

Why don't you just take the Card from the camera to ASDA, this is the usual way to have them printed.

  Technotiger 18:42 19 Feb 09

Or, instead of making a Slide-show on DVD, put your pictures onto CD and take that to ASDA.

  kindly 18:44 19 Feb 09

If you have them stored on the computer, then they are most likely be in a jpeg format anyway. That is unless you store with a different format.
If not, just copy what you want onto a blank disc, then they will be able to do them.

  Desperate-Dan 18:44 19 Feb 09

The photos are not on my camera card they are on my pc,

  Technotiger 18:54 19 Feb 09

OK, so put them on CD, not in a slide-show! The pics can then be printed by ASDA or any other commercial printers.

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