photos changing colour by themselves

  Smokeyone 13 May 11

In one of my folders some of the photos have either a yellow or green tint or a solid green bar across the bottom half of the photo. It appears to happen in only one folder and upon checking the folder several times I now notice that if I am quick when I open the folder I see the photos change before my eyes. I hope someone has some ideas please. Thanks

  SparkyJack 13 May 11

Create a new folder and with out opening the files copy them across then look?

Also right click on a file and click on properties- what dies it tell you?

  woodchip 13 May 11

If you pribt one of the photos does it print okay?

  woodchip 13 May 11

PS the Folder Properties may have become corrupt

  Smokeyone 13 May 11

Thank you all for trying to help. Tried printing but you just get a lovely print that is half solid green etc. Tried creating a new folder and transfering them across and for a few moments I thought all was well until the colour bars and tinting started to appear on various photographs all by itself. Perhaps someone could advise on what to look for in Folder properties... Thanks again

  woodchip 13 May 11

IF the Photo is not printing the colour it should be, then the Photo file is corrupt

  woodchip 13 May 11

PS what can be the reason for this? editing same phot in different editing Programs, Its when they are saved that does it

  Smokeyone 13 May 11

None of the shots have been edited, they were just saved as was a couple of years ago and now when I opened the folder ..... I have no idea of the problem but strange the photos are okay for a second or so after the folder is opened and then change before your very eyes...

  Graphicool1 13 May 11


Do you have other folders that contain pictures, on the same drive?

  Smokeyone 13 May 11

Yes, loads and touch wood they seem okay ...........

  Graphicool1 13 May 11

Were all the photo's taken by the same camera and in the same format?


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