Photograph recovery

  rsedw 14:48 18 Mar 15

is it possible to recover photographs from a memory card after they have been deleted

  john bunyan 14:59 18 Mar 15

Here is one link

Easus recovery

Alternatively you could download and try Recuva.

Recuva - filehippo

  northumbria61 15:00 18 Mar 15

Recuva is probably your best bet and follow these instructions How to Recover Deleted Photos from a Memory Card

  Nontek 15:05 18 Mar 15

Yes, this Direct Download may well do it for you ...

click here the program after installing, then choose letter for Card (D: or whatever) then AFTER making a new folder on desktop name it DIR so that you can direct the program to put recovered pics into that new folder.

Press Start - you can stop the process at any time and recovered pics will still be in the new folder.

You can even open the new folder during the process to watch the recoveresd pics appear!!


  bumpkin 19:41 18 Mar 15

Recuva worked well for me using "deep scan" mode, not everything recovered but a lot were. I had backup on another HDD which failed (sods law) I would suggest that if you can recover them then make 2 DVDs in addition to any other backup media you may use.

  bumpkin 19:49 18 Mar 15

You may mave to run it a few times especially if it seems to complete quickly, it took me hours on a reasonable decent PC if scanning all drives.

  bumpkin 19:55 18 Mar 15

Sorry, you said a memory card so should be quicker, I was scanning whole PC.

  rdave13 20:18 18 Mar 15

Can't beat campic restore for images as per Nontek's post. Name the new destination folder what you wish but create it before you run Campic.

Note; it will restore any temp folders, ico. , jpeg. , and any other types of images so be prepared to sift through a lot of junk.

  bumpkin 22:25 18 Mar 15

Rdave, currently running it myself to see if it picks up anything Recuva could not. Scanning 4 drives so taking a while but it runs in the background.

  bumpkin 22:45 18 Mar 15

One has to laugh, Recuva is a dangerous bit of kit, it did not recover my photos on my spare PC just a load of porno from a "blank" formatted disk disk I took from my sons old discarded machine. Makes you wonder how safe anything is, I was just using a freebie, what can a government recovery lab find I wonder.

  john bunyan 23:18 18 Mar 15


He should have used CCleaner Drive wipe on 5 passes before passing it to you!!

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