PhotoBucket Picaloader how do you use it.?

  Uboat 14:35 19 Sep 10

hiya guys ive got around 700 photos on photobuckets free account and i want to close the account but i have some photos i dont want to loose!
by doing weeks of reseach i see that Picaloader is the program to download all the pics but how do i use it.? ive pasted the link of my home page on PB into picaloader BUT its dl/n totaly differant pics to mine? i cant seem to grasp how to get it to download my pics only?


  muddypaws 17:39 19 Sep 10

If you open a photo in PB and hover the cursor over it you get a list of options along the top, one of which is d/load high res.
May be long winded, but are you aware of this?

  Uboat 14:02 20 Sep 10

Thankx guys! im going to do it RIGHT NOW! cheers again!!!

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