Photo problems with Net Objects Fusion 8

  allright 13:26 11 Apr 06

Help! We've just changed a few photos on our website and when we reuploaded the site the photos are not there (you can see what they are called though). On local publish they are there as normal. They appear in the assets list as being in use, but then they don't seem to be in the file although we have made sure 'copy to assets' was ticked. Any ideas? In the meantime we tried to add the original photos again but the same thing happened, even though they worked before, and also the same thing happened when we tried to recover a previous back-up.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

  Crunchy 14:53 11 Apr 06

I had something similar with this version although my picture was just missing on website but appeared as normal on local publish. I manually deleted page from website and uploaded page again. This cured it for me. It's worth a try.

  ade.h 17:17 11 Apr 06

Can I ask whether - prior to reusing the images - you deleted the entries from the Assets Management AND deleted the files themselves from the Assets folder at C:\Program Files\Net Objects\Net Objects Fusion 8\User Sites\Your Site?

  allright 17:34 11 Apr 06

First of all thanks Ade H, we've checked but we hadn't deleted any of the Assets files, and like Crunchy the pics were missing on the website but fine in local publish.
However we think we might have solved it - we downloaded the latest update from Net Fusion, and when we next uploaded the site the pictures appeared, although it did take forever to load. Not sure if this is the real root of the problem or not, and daren't (today at any rate) try making any other changes to see!
Thanks all,

  ade.h 17:39 11 Apr 06

"...we've checked but we hadn't deleted any of the Assets files"

My point was that you ideally should, due to NOF's file renaming methods.

When I change an image or other asset, I delete all trace of it as far as NOF is concerned and start again. For example; if the original file is left in the assets folder, the new file as 02 appended to it. This and other characteristics of NOF can make the assets pretty messy if you don't manage them tightly.

  ade.h 17:39 11 Apr 06

as = has!

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