Photo printing wizard query

  TommyRed 13:04 07 Oct 05

I've a number of photo's to print from e-mails, my query is how to get multiple prints to print at once. Previosly I've only been able to print one at a time and then rotate the A4 photo paper, but it only allows me to get 2 photo's per page instead of the 4 I should be able to get. I'm on XP home with a HP1210 PSC printer also have Adobe Photoshop Elements. TIA TR

  BRYNIT 13:49 07 Oct 05

Windows Picture and fax viewer will allow you to print 4 or more picture onto one page.

Open folder picture is saved in. Right click on picture file/open with select windows and fax viewer.

Picture and fax viewer will allow you to view all pictures in this file, click on print icon at bottom the print wizard will open.

  jack 14:53 07 Oct 05

Import the Images into Photoshop elements and create
'a Page Layout'

To do this[from memory - now very bad]- In Elements open images sequentially one on top of t'other
Go to Page Layout which will give you a blank A4 page,with images displayed down left side of the window. Click and drag an image at a time to the page and size by working the corner p[oints to fit
a size you require and pile 'em into the page.
Go to Print set up- set up the printer and orft you go.

  TommyRed 23:22 07 Oct 05

Seem to have found an easier solution with HP's (printer)own software but unfortunately it crops the last inch off two of the photo's on a A4 page so I'll have a few trials using normal paper until I can get it right. Thanks all, TR

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