Photo Frame as a Laptop Screen Repeater?

  Wuzzy10 16:32 27 Nov 07

Does anyone know what needs to be done to allow a Photo Frame (with a USB input) to operate as a laptop screen repeater.

When sailing, I use my laptop with a GPS input as a chart plotter, but because of the environment, I have to keep dry it inside the boat. It would be much more convenient to waterproof a photo frame and have repeat the laptop screen by the steering position.

Any ideas, please?


  jack 17:07 27 Nov 07

Not likely I would think.
To get full computer use you would need the normal VGA connector not USB.
But wait - every time some one says 'Not likely'
Someone somewhere just did.

  jack 10:47 28 Nov 07

If you have not yet acquired a photo frame then consider a cheap flat screen TV a 15in one may be about the same price as a frame.
The video out or even RAC out/ib line may be a possible.
Even a suitable gender bender perhaps - check out Maplins for example.

  DieSse 10:55 28 Nov 07

I've never heard of such a thing, and there will be no standard stuff to make this happen. Photo-frames just display images, and your laptop display is not available anywhere in the system as an image.

It could be done with a piece of software, which keeps repeatedly grabbing the screen as an image, then sending it via the photoframe software to the USB port. This would be a neat little item of software, but I'm not aware of it anywhere Perhaps the demand may not be high enough.

  jack 19:34 29 Nov 07

Spotted in ASDA to day.
15in LCD TV ONN brand - £119
Scart to RCA adaptor 3.50
RCA lead set 3.50

  Wuzzy10 22:30 29 Nov 07

Appreciate both your comments. I'll try the TV route, but it will have to be powered by 12V DC, the boat's power supply.

  jack 17:53 30 Nov 07

'12V DC, the boat's power supply.;

Here by lies a variable-all digi devices are low voltage some like most digi devices come with a 240v power brick to out put 12v or less
Others come with power supply built in - still 12 v or less but tricky to adapt.
ditto LCD monitors of course.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 30 Nov 07

Look at the flat screen monitors with 12vDC power and VGA input at click here

you can just connect a VGA lead direct to the VGA outoutput socket on the laptop

  smurfling 20:03 30 Nov 07

Go for the TV and get a 600w power inverter from Maplin.

  jack 09:47 01 Dec 07

Water proofing could be problematic.
One can visualize smearing Silicone clear around case joints- But these things generate heat espially those with on-board supply-
They have to breathe.
Hmm I can see you having to cut a port in the rear of the saloon bulk head and putting a ploycarbonate 'window' in so that the screen stays inside-
This is going to get complicated
Perhaps a note book and pencil will suffice with the lappie positioned to be viewed through the companionway ;-}.

  Wuzzy10 09:58 01 Dec 07

Thanks for that, Jack. We could make a sailor out of you yet!

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