Photo editors

  arnie30 22:00 20 Mar 10

Hi all can anyone recommend a basic lightweight image/photo editor that has a magnetic tool, ie the tool that allows you to cut any kind of object from a picture and put it elsewhere.
I have tried a few but as yet not settled on one.
The smaller the better is what I'm after as too many of them have too many bells and whistles you dont often need.
Any advice would be welcomed


  rdave13 22:06 20 Mar 10

Paint.Net possibly? click here

  MAJ 22:10 20 Mar 10

I imagine Gimp would do that sort of thing. click here

  MAJ 22:40 20 Mar 10

Yes I thought GiMP could do it. click here

  gel 07:16 21 Mar 10

Question for rdave 13
Will Paint net run my pictures in a film show?

  badgermansix 07:27 21 Mar 10

gel - you have just moved the goal posts :-)

  gel 10:10 21 Mar 10

Sorry badgermansix but it only requested a yes or no

  MAJ 12:25 21 Mar 10

"Will Paint net run my pictures in a film show?"

It depends what you mean by "film show". If you mean an animated gif, then yes. If you mean a slideshow, then no, not directly but you may be able to get a plugin to do it. Personally I would advise getting a dedicated slideshow package to do it for you, or use the excellent and free Irfanview click here an image editing package which also can create quite good slideshows. It's quite small and isn't processor hungry. It wont, however, do what you asked originally.

  johndrew 12:36 21 Mar 10

Sounds very much as if you need either one of the free offerings above - they may take a bit more getting used to - or you need to look at one of the commercial products.

Many commercial products are a bit `friendlier`; that`s one of the things you pay for. Ashampoo offer Photo Commander 8 click here (you can still buy 7 as well - cheaper) and will provide `Premium Support` for 2 years at £2.99.

If you are fresh to photo editing the support is well worth the money as the advice is fast and comprehensive with no limits in the time frame.

  gel 12:45 21 Mar 10

Thank you very much for your comments about slide shows I am sure I will find a suitable programme
I am very grateful

  BT 17:13 21 Mar 10

is very good for producing slideshows.
You can do pans and zooms, transitions etc. and can add music and narration, and its FREE.
click here

Lots of good info at PapaJohns website
click here

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