Photo editor

  sak41 13:15 04 Jul 07


can anyone recommend a free photo editing software download..i have some pictures which are blurred and need sorting out..

thank you all in advance for your help

  oldbeefer2 13:18 04 Jul 07

I use Serif click here

  Arnie 13:23 04 Jul 07

I have yet to see any photo editing software that can successfully restore a blurred picture.

Anyway, if the pictures were taken with a digital camera, some basic editing software should have been supplied.

Were the pictures taken with a digital or film camera?

Once I know, I may be able to advise you on how to avoid the problem.

  sak41 13:34 04 Jul 07

well thats a long story, they were taken from old black and white pictures using a digital camera, for the purpose of being used in a paper weight that has the picture lasered within the glass..its of my mom and dad at their engagement and is for a present for my moms 66th birthday..sadly lost my dad five years ago....the pictures look fine on the screen of the camera, but when i downloaded them onto the PC they look blurred.

  Totally-braindead 13:35 04 Jul 07

You could try either Picassa 2 or Faststone Image Viewer, both are free but if the pics are blurry theres a limit to what you can do with any software, free or not.

  Arnie 13:51 04 Jul 07

"the pictures look fine on the screen of the camera, but when i downloaded them onto the PC they look blurred."

Unless there is severe blurring, this will not always be noticed on a digital camera's small screen.

Viewing the pictures on a computer's larger monitor shows all the imperfections of the pictures.

During my working years, I spent some time in a drawing office. When the company wanted a high quality drawing, I drafted it large scale and then machine reduced it to produce a higher resolution drawing.

What you are experiencing is this pantographic process in reverse.

  P1d 13:59 04 Jul 07

I use this one click here

  sak41 14:11 04 Jul 07

so could i reduce the picture down so that it is about 3 inches in size, would that help ?

  ventanas 14:16 04 Jul 07

If the blurring is through camera shake, then really that's it. Attempting to sharpen will only make things worse.

I assume the original monochrome images are ok, if so the only sure way is to re-photograph. Place the images in a well lit area (daylight preferably unless you can alter the white balance setting), vertically if possible, and put your camera on a tripod, or some other form of support level with the subject. Try to avoid flash if the originals are on a glossy paper.

Images will always look much better on a camera screen because they are displayed at very low resolution.

  jack 14:19 04 Jul 07

Copying photos via another camera is not the best way of going about about the task
If you do not have a scanner is it not possible to get them scanned for you?
A friend with such a set up may be be willing to oblige.

  sak41 14:37 04 Jul 07

thank you i will attempt photographing using a tripod, if that does not work i will try to find someone who can lend me a scanner...i did not think of that one!!

thank you all for your help

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