Photo editing Cheap !!

  skidzy 20:55 24 Mar 09

Has anyone any experience with this site click here originaly directed from
click here

I came across this by accident really and find it amazing a company can actually sell the software listed for a fraction of its retail cost.

Surely this is not legit !

Mcafee SA has not tested this site at this time

Now im far from being naive around the internet...but this sounds like piracy in the first degree but hope to be proved wrong.

For example Adobe Lightroom 2 should cost around £200-£230 ish , however this company reckons you can have it for around £40 !! click here

The list is endless .

If it sounds to good to be probably is !!

I would appreciate your views please,especially if you have first hand experience with the site.

Thanyou all

  Stuartli 21:12 24 Mar 09

As you say, if it's too good to be true....:-)

Have you thought of Gimp?

It's freeware and, although I haven't used it, it seems it's as good as many paid for varieties.

click here

  Stuartli 21:12 24 Mar 09

There's also, of course,, backed by Microsoft, but you will need .NET Framework installed as well.

  skidzy 21:21 24 Mar 09

Hi Stu
I have or have tried most of the freebies out there and currently use Gimp and Photoscape and Picasa3 as i find these the best freebies around at this time.Picasa 3 is handy as this can edit Nikons NEF's.

I also have been trialing Photoshop Elements 7 and thats a good piece of kit,however im trying to get something a bit better like Adobe Lightroom 2.2 (currently trialing) or Nikon Capture NX2 but these are not cheap though cheaper than cs3 or 4.

  Stuartli 22:15 24 Mar 09

I use Picasa most of the time...:-)

Might also be worth checking out Serif:

click here

But can sometimes pester you after you try earlier versions made available free of charge.

A polite request not to be bothered again usually suffices.

  skidzy 22:23 24 Mar 09

Cheers stu,have tried Serif in the past....wasnt that impressed - Picasa does a better job in my opinion with an easier interface though basic.

I really do think you get what you pay for...hence the Adobe software :-))

Im wondering if i took a risk on the website i listed above !! but do not want any pirate software on my computers !!

Il leave this thread running for a few days,just to see if anyone has actually used the site.

  woodchip 23:09 24 Mar 09

It is Pirate as Updates are not supported for Coral Draw X4. Note at bottom of this page says it all click here

  Woolwell 23:41 24 Mar 09

I find Serif PhotoPlus X2 to be quite good click here
Have a look at the reviews including click here

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