Photo editing out white eye

  Yimbo 23:28 PM 01 Sep 12

When editing pictures, I know how to deal with "red eye" in a photo - but I notice occasions when the eyes appear like two white dots - no doubt due to the angle of the flash. But how do I edit out the white eyes - or better, prevent it?

  Nontek 07:55 AM 02 Sep 12
  BT 09:20 AM 02 Sep 12

Portrait photographers go to a lot of effort to achieve small white dots in the eyes. These are usually known as highlights and give life to a picture. If this is what you mean it is indeed caused by the flash and is usually unavoidable, but if you want to be rid of it just zoom in and clone it out.

  hssutton 10:40 AM 02 Sep 12

White Eye (catchlight) is normally a very desirable effect in a portrait. On occasions two catchlights can be annoying. As BT says zoom in and clone out the offending catchlight/s, as an alternative again zoom in and paint them out.

  Yimbo 15:53 PM 02 Sep 12

Thanks folks! You've given me help that's much appreciated! I'm sure I can now sort the "white eye" problem, which on the photos I've got, is certainly not "a desirable effect" - though I can understand that in some cases, it might be!

Thanks again!

  lotvic 16:03 PM 02 Sep 12

As per Nontek said, hope it's not this sort ClickHere

"The doctor explained the camera flash usually reflected blood cells in the eye, causing red eye. 'But in ...'s case the flash reflected the tumour, which has no blood cells, and so it appeared white,' he said."


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